Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Suppers.

I've been following Sunday Suppers for a while now & when my lady 
Martha Stewart  did a feature article,  I thought, "Hey, I know who they are!"

 I've been wanting to make some of the dishes featured in the article 
& finally got around to doing  it yesterday, which was fittingly, Sunday...
The Penne Frittata with Basil & Ricotta was fabulously yummy. 
Very light, super tasty & insanely easy to prepare. I will be making it again for sure!
The Meatballs with Fresh Tomato Sauce were a perfect compliment to the frittata. 
Again, very easy to make & boy did it make a lot! Perfect for entertaining or left overs. 
(I just ate some for lunch actually)

For the full meal (because trust me there are more dishes) head on over here




Beatriz said...

Oh YUUUUUMMMM!!! Looks delish! They have these adorable mini cast iron skillets from Crate and Barrel. I'll have to try some mini individual omelets after some of your inspiration ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Love!

Fish Food Tees said...

Mmmm, they look sooo yummy!!!! I'm thinking about trying those flat break things you had on a little bit ago...too bad out of my four herbs, I don't have the 2 the recipe calls for. hehe

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