Tuesday, April 6, 2010

285 Square Feet.

When I first spotted this bed nook 
on Apartment Therapy I thought it was awesome...
Then as I scrolled through the rest of the photographs & found out it 
was part of a 285 square foot apartment I thought it was amazing! 
Head on over here to check out the full story & if you are like me 
& love this teen-tiny place be sure to give Natalie your thumb's up
 so her place can make it to the finals of the Small, Cool 2010 contest.



Barbara said...

I'm so addicted to that website. I could spend hours looking through everything on there. I used so many of their tips to help organize my space.

Kayla said...

I have an entire house to fill with beautiful decorating and things.... and it's no where close to this quaint and gorgeous. I'm jealous.


Anonymous said...

I love that bed nook, it looks sooooo cosy!

Em-Jae said...

Eek! LOVE this. Especially the neutral tones with the pops of color -- so beautiful.

In other news, I have that duvet cover. It's from West Elm and I am madly in love with it :)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

I know it is fabulous right!?

I am especially in LOVE with the area rug in the living space... I am scouring the internet for one with a similar pattern.


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