Monday, April 12, 2010

Mama Mia!

Well hello Monday! How was your weekend lovebugs?

Ours was a bit crazy, an apartment fire across the street from us kept us up all night Friday. 
Ten fire companies showed up. They were here for five hours putting it out, cutting holes in the roof
 with chain saws & even had a big ladder truck extended over the whole thing. 

I've never seen anything like it & it still smells like smoke & burned out things over here 
but thankfully no one was hurt & only five of the eight apartments in the building were damaged. 

Anywho- moving on to other things... 
Since I was up anyway from the fire I made some coffee & plopped myself on the couch 
When I stumbled upon one of my fave movies, Mama Mia! I've seen it several times
 but this time I noticed so much more of the surroundings of the movie. 
 From the awesome blue waters & skies in almost all the exterior shots to the lovely shades of blue 
in most of the interior shots I found myself smitten with the styling of the whole thing. 

Here are some still shots to better show you what I am talking about...
{ All photographs Via }

See all those lovely teals,  blues & sea foam greens? Awesome right!?
 & the contrast that the reds & pinks make when combined with the blues... oh swoon!
I'm totally inspired now to add some more of those shades to our decor at the new house. 

If you haven't seen Mama Mia!  I highly suggest you check it out.
 In addition to the great styling, all the actors are wonderful, the songs are done very well
 &  the whole thing is just plain good

 If you'd like a lil' snippet here is a clip of one of my favorite songs. 


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Barbara said...

Wow, how scary! Luckily no one was hurt in the fire!

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