Friday, April 23, 2010

a. e. wilder.

So excited that I just discovered this lovely lil' etsy shop - a. e. wilder....
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 So sweet & so simple, no?
 I especially love how these pieces are created 
in wooden hoops so you can hang them right away.

Plus did I mention each piece featured is able to be personalized?
What a sweet way to remember a special date like a 
wedding day or baby's entrance into the world don't you think?
 (I'll be ordering us a hoop soon to commemorate our wedding day- yay!)

Be sure to head on over to a. e. wilder's shop to check out even more pieces. 



Alyssa said...

they are absolutely adorable! i am thinking a perfect mothers day present!! (thankyou, i have been racking my brain for something!!!)

MaryBeth Hughes said...

agreed. just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

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