Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving On.

When we moved into our apartment last January I did so alone. 
(Well I had some help from family & friends) but the point is I moved in without The Husband.

I unpacked everything on my own.
 I hung up his clothes just so I could smell his scent every time I went in the closet.
& I even unpacked his toiletries just so I could see his tooth brush next to mine.

Looking back on it now maybe this gallery wall of our wedding photographs was a bit much.
 Our friends & family & even The Husband joke that it is a "shrine".
I guess it kinda is & I did over do it a bit but the fact of the matter is 
it helped me not miss him as much while he was deployed. 
Well today the "shrine" came down & got packed up.
We are moving yet again but this time we will both be around for it. 
(Yay! & Happy squeal of excitement) 

Some may be surprised by this but I actually have no plans to put this back up in our new place. 
It is time to change things up,  time to simplify, time to move on & time move in... together!
I get to see The Husband's face every day now, so no need for tons of photographs on the wall.

Plus I just realized, once I take all these photographs out of the frames
they'd make a wicked cool wedding album which we actually don't have yet...



Isabel said...

For what it's worth...I like the "shrine" :)

Barbara said...

I don't think it's overkill. You should see my friends shrine to her kids. :)

Where are you moving to?

StealingHappyHours said...

i remember how stoked you were about the shrine... i luv it.. time to replace some of those with pics of kiddos :) jus' sayin

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Thanks ladies! :)

I think I will put it back up at the new place just with less frames & not as many photos of just us. I'll probably incorporate some art pieces & such. Plus I have a fireplace mantle to decorate as well so the extra frames will come in handy for that. (& yes hopefully someday we will have some kiddo photos)

oh & @Barbara we are moving closer to the city to what is known as the "original" Philadelphia suburb. Apparently the town was quite the place to be in the 1940s, lots of lil' shops, nickel movie theaters etc that everyone walked to because the town was just a short train ride from the city. I wish I'd been around for that- I love that kind of stuff! But I am equally excited for the weekly farmers market that will only be a few blocks from our place & some tiny cafes & such that we can walk to as well.


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