Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bouncy Balls.

None of you know this because I've never told you- 
But when I was about five or six I had a bouncy ball collection.
I loved that collection. So colorful, so fun! I think I had about fifty of them. 
Then one day I was playing in our yard, went in for lunch or something 
& the lawnmower had come by & well you can probably put it together, no more bouncy balls.
Anyway, I spotted this Sony Bravia advertisement over on Hooray 
& just had to share it with you. I can't stop watching it!

Simply awesome, right?!
I really want to see it in high definition on a HUGE tv screen...
That would make me oh so happy!

(P.S. - if you love the music to it as much as I do it is "Hearbeats" by José González)


Nicole said...

omg - the frog!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video.......thanks for sharing:)

kanishk said...

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StealingHappyHours said...

i too had a bouncy ball collection... i loved it. i wish i could like, look under my bed and find the shoebox with all of them in there... growing up is AWFUL lol

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