Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Craving Organization.

We are still searching daily for a house to call our own. 
However with all this snow piled up on the sides of the streets it is very hard.
 You see older north eastern cities like Philadelphia with narrow streets made for the lil' cars 
or horses & buggies of years past don't fair so well in the age of SUVs & multi-car families when it snows.  

Anyway, lately I am finding myself craving organization- particularly entryway organization. 
Our coats, boots, mail, dog leashes, shovels etc all need a place - I'm so tired of stacking it all on our steps.
This entryway makes me oh so happy, a place for everything & everything in it's place!
Via }

Oh well, hopefully we will find a place SOON
 & then I can get working on a stellar entryway of our own.

Do you have an organized entryway system or are you craving something more organized like me?



Nicole* said...

i love it! my great aunt, who is 94 years old, always says "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Bah! I need to get organized! This inspired me!

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