Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Happy Weekend!
I don't what you are up to but as for me- 
I am looking very forward to getting *snowed* in with The Husband...
 that is if it ever starts *snowing*- it was supposed to start hours ago!
Oh well. It will be nice to spend time with The Husband regardless
 & hopefully we will see some more houses at some point & dare I say it- find the one.

I've been working hard all day on my handmade stuff for my Etsy shop
so I don't have a cute, fun or heartwarming photograph for you to enjoy- (sorry)
So you'll have to settle for this photograph of me and The Husband 
wearing our 3D glasses in Disney World this past fall...

I wish you well this weekend & stay safe if it actually snows where you are.
See you Monday!

PS -  here is another shameless plug 
but if you have time, please check out my Etsy shop... 
I finally got around to listing some handmade Valentine's
as promised & I'd love to know what you think- don't be shy!


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