Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy *snow* day!

Hello lovely readers!
Is it *snowing* there where you are?
Because it is an absolute blizzard here!
It started last night & isn't supposed to stop until the early am hours tomorrow... whew!
The Husband & I are snowed in so breakfast for lunch (& probably dinner), 
movies, wii games & playing in the snow will be our activities today. 
Just wanted to stop in & let you know I will be a bit absent today from blogging... 
I took this photo yesterday before the *snow* started. 
Trust me it looks very different out our windows now!

Enjoy your day & photos of our *snow* day will follow soon!



MaryBeth Hughes said...

oh, sounds like so much fun. enjoy your day together1

Leslie said...

LOVE this photo! The colors and light are beautiful - great job and great idea. I hope you enjoy the blizzard! :)

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