Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage Books.

I've always had a fascination with vintage things. Especially vintage books!
The way they feel in your hands. Knowing that someone else loved them, read them
 & held onto them for quite sometime & maybe even read them aloud to a loved one... 
Sigh- it is just awesome to me (& I kinda like the way they smell too- am I weird?)
Anyway, imagine how thrilled I was last Monday when I found a bunch of vintage books 
in excellent condition while vintage hunting with my grandmother...

I really love all of them but trust me, I have enough stuff in our house there isn't a whole lot of room to add more.
So if you are like me & have a love of vintage books you could make these beauties all your own!
 All of them (plus a few more) are currently listed in my shop along with some other great vintage finds.

& if you don't particularly love vintage books... what DO you love?
Let me know - I love hearing about what other people collect or just find plain charming. 


1 comment:

from lara said...

these are so gorgeous! i love old books oh so much!

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