Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of 2010.

Hello, hello!
Holy moly we got TONS of *snow*
 Last I heard between the remnants of 
our weekend storm + this one we have roughly
 45 inches of  *snow* piled up outside! 
& that does NOT include drifts, shoveled piles or plowed piles.
If you want a really good idea of how much is out there, let's just say that there is
 a 20+ foot snowman built at the entrance to our development.
 I kid you not! I have to try & get some photos today to show you.

Anywho, considering it took us 3 hours to shovel our cars out
(& that was with the help of the plow, thank you Mr. Plow) ... 
& this much *snow*...
 You better believe that I have just as many photos as
 there are inches of *snow* outside documenting the day.
( & lets face it, probably MORE)
Here is a sampling to start you off for now...

I'll post more later- right now I have to try and catch some Zzzzs.
You see, The Husband (poor guy) had to drive into work in all this
& I've been nervously waiting his call confirming safe passage. 
But now with the phone call received  
& The Husband at work safe, I can grab a bit of beauty sleep.
tee hee hee



You Are My Fave said...

I know this post is supposed to be about the tremendous amount of snow, but all I can think is, "LOVE your mustard hat girl."

Nicole* said...

I can't even imagine being in that much snow! thanks for the pictures - can't wait to see the snowman!

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

tee hee I LOVE my mustard hat too... especially because it was only $3! Woot! Woot!

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