Friday, February 26, 2010

Summer Wedding - Kevin & Angelina.

I  loves me a good summer wedding.
Especially when it is outside & super intimate!
Since it just finished snowing & is bitter cold out I figured now was a great time to share with you 
some photographs from a FABULOUS outdoor summer wedding...

Kevin & Angelina are a lot like The Husband & myself- a military couple, ridiculously in love.
The similarities don't stop there though...
We  both used the same photographer (the amazing Isabel March) & we both had small, intimate weddings.
(oh & how could I forget!? Both of our weddings were featured here too)

I hope you enjoy their wedding photographs as much as I do... can't you just feel the love & the summer sun!?

They are awesome right!?  
Isn't Angelina gorgeous!?
 Oh & can we talk about those boots?!
 That dress!?  That headband?! 
Love. Love. Love.
Everything is great!

Oh yes, & the way they look at each other... it is LOVE



Anonymous said...

Good times! :)

Angie said...

Thanks sweety, you're too sweet.

Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL! These pics made me smile. I noticed the way they look at each other too. It is definitely love. :)

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