Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's - City Meals on Wheels.

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my post, Craftivism
the super great idea Etsy came up with for City Meals On Wheels 
 in which crafters & vintage shoppers alike were invited to send in Valentine's
 to be given out to the senior citizens aided by City Meals On Wheels
See, super great idea, no?! 
I just thought it was such an easy & simple way to brighten someone's day...

Here is a sampling of some of the cards I sent...


They went out yesterday...  Yes, the deadline was today (!)
You see, sometimes I tend to be a huge procrastinator.
 The cards have been done for a week or more but I had to actually go to the post office... 
Long story short,  I ended up paying to overnight them. 
(tee hee hee)

While it is too late to send cards for the project I just want to encourage you 
to maybe send or give a card this Valentine's (or any day really) 
to someone who you wouldn't ordinarily give to-
a neighbor, your great aunt, the greeter at the grocery store you see every week?
It is up to you, you know best who would appreciate it & needs it most...
I'm just saying, you just never know how or when something so small can mean so much!



Rachel Dangerfield said...

What a cool program! Love this idea. And the Valentines are so beautiful!

Bridget said...

those are so cute.

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