Thursday, February 18, 2010

The most food we ever ate.

 A few months ago The Husband surprised me & took me to
It was my first time there for dinner & the food was absolutely AMAZING! 
Seriously it was the most food we ever ate & I swear I was 5 lbs. heavier when we left.
But oh so yummy & I'd totally do it again given the chance.
(but I'd probably not eat for a day or two before- tee hee hee)

Anyway, here is a photographic chronicle of our meal...

First we shared a- JUMBO LUMP CRABCAKE
with ginger & scallions in a light shrimp mousseline; lightly panko-crusted, pan-seared & served with a refreshing mango beurre blanc ...
Please trust me when I say we DEVOURED it- I won't scare you with the "after" photo.

Smiley. Happy. People. 

Next The Husband had BAKED FRENCH ONION SOUP...

& I had WILIAM PENN’S SNAPPER SOUP with Dry sherry service...  
(they actually pour sherry on top to bring out the flavor- yum!)

For our main courses The Husband had ROAST PRIME RIB OF BEEF
Succulent and tender rib slowly roasted; served with au jus, crispy fried onions and our tangy sauce béarnaise...

& I had (for the first time) VEAL OSCAR
 Sautéed nature of veal topped with jumbo lump crabmeat, fresh asparagus spears & sauce hollandaise; on a pool of sauce bordelaise...
Again, trust me when I say we both DEVOURED our meals... 
I had never had veal before but The Husband said "trust me, I really think you will like this preparation."
 Oh my GOODNESS was he ever right! 

Lastly we shared some CREME BRULEE...
Yummy. Yummy. YUMMY! 
This "after" photo is a little less graphic so I don't feel too embarrassed to share it- tee hee hee

All in all it was a fabulous night - we had such a great time even though
 it was raining buckets when we arrived, our table had to be moved & we gained 5lbs. each. 

 Plus look at how beautiful this place even is on the outside... 
Did I mention it is like this year round!?  Lovely. Simply lovely.
If you are ever in the area I highly suggest you go here.
 Yes it is a bit pricey but for a special occasion it is absolutely worth it!


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