Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy (Valentine's) Weekend!

Happy (Valentine's) Weekend!
Do you have any special plans? 
As for us, I don't think we have any... 
The Husband said to me the other day-
"I don't think we should spend money on each other this year."
 & when I said "oh" in a kinda sad way, he said- 
"Don't be sad, I'm gonna buy you a house for Valentine's day!"
Hey, a girl can't argue with that right?!

Since the past week has been nothing but snow I thought I'd share 
some beautiful photos of what I feel is summer love... 
You know, the feeling in the air as the sun sets & your love holds your hand or kisses you... 
Oh yeah, I'm ready for summer love FOR SURE!
{ All images via Le Love }



Joanne Angelina said...

I love your blog and especially this post, I hope your weekend will be magical! Take care :)

My Owl Barn said...

What a lovely post! House? you can't argue with that :)

lehi + sasha said...

these images are so pretty.
i love them all.

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