Friday, February 26, 2010

Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

You've probably already heard- it is snowing again here in the North East. 
Le Sigh. 
I'm longing for spring & summer more & more everyday...
Good thing I found these lovely little laterns to get me by with some warm & happy thoughts.
 They make me think of picnics that go past dusk, catching fireflies, Forth of July & outdoor weddings!
Aren't they just lovely
Made out of porcelain casts of Kerr Mason Jars these laterns
 by Pigeon Toe Ceramics give off the most lovely glow. 

I may just end up ordering some & setting them all over the house because
 hey if I can't have spring & summer just yet I can always try to re-create it inside right?

{ Special thanks to my brothers lady, Zana. She sent me the link that led this find. Thanks Lady! }

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