Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoveling Out.

Fun Blizzard of 2010 fact... 
This is the most *snow* the Philadelphia area has EVER received since they started keeping records in 1884. 

& now for the last of my photos from yesterday- the shoveling out process!
We started before the storm officially ended because we wanted to make a decent dent
 & hopefully gain some help from Mr. Plow...
We were the only ones out in the neighborhood but it was worth it 
because we did get help from Mr. Plow (thanks again!) & we didn't have to shovel at all today! 

Just one question for you... is she a Dog or a Meerkat?
... this is 2 minutes after it was shoveled clean - it was really falling fast! 

The Husband... now know as "The Shoveling Machine".  I love him!
 Shake. Shake. Shake.  This just makes me laugh out loud.
& here is a shot of the 20+ foot snowman at the entrance to our development...
(I'll try to get some better shots today in the daylight)
The Husband wanted me to post about our shoveled out spots...  3 hours later this is what they looked like. 
Aren't they spectacular?!  He was so proud - tee hee hee
Resting in our *snow* fort of sorts... this is right outside our front door.
We've been joking that we now have a fenced yard because we piled the snow so high 
& dug out a space for Piper Dog to potty that there is now
 a retaining wall of sorts all around our entrance.

Honestly I have never seen so much snow in my life. 
In 1996 we were out of school for a week due to a storm 
& I don't even think there was as much then as there is now- whew!


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MaryBeth Hughes said...

your pictures are beautiful. i keep thinking about all the "remember when we got all that snow..." stories you will talk about forever. what a great memory. :_

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