Monday, February 1, 2010

Yellow Submarine.

This made me laugh out loud & then quickly 
I began singing The Beatle's "Yellow Submarine" in my head...

I love tea - a good warm cup of Earl Grey with a bit-o-honey just hits the spot.
But this tea infuser would make me drink it even more frequently
 not to mention it would just make me plain happy because 
well it is cute & it is the little things that make me happy!

{ Originally spotted on A Cup of Jo }



{à la mode} said...

oh my gosh! hilarious. i love it. :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

I saw this! IT's so precious! :) Cute blog!

Anonymous said...

That is... totally... AWESOME!!!

Nicole* said...

I saw this on Cup of Jo and loved it! a friend of mine is thinking about buying one she liked it so much :)

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